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Greenhouse Control & Monitoring Solution

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Greenhouse Control & Monitoring Solution

Plants such as flowers and vegetables are cultivated in greenhouses. When the light shines through the greenhouse during the day, it warms the plants, soil, and structure. Greenhouses aid in the protection of crops against a variety of illnesses, particularly those that are soil-borne and splash onto plants when it rains. The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence that benefits humans. Many farmers fail to make a profit from greenhouse crops because they are unable to control two critical parameters that influence plant development and output. The temperature in the greenhouse should not go below a specified level. Crop transpiration, condensation of water vapor on various greenhouse surfaces, and water evaporation from humid soil can all be caused by high humidity.

This greenhouse monitoring and management system come to the rescue in such situations. This project exhibits the design and installation of several sensors for monitoring and managing the greenhouse environment. The temperature sensor, light sensor, soil moisture sensor, LDR sensor, LCD display module, 12v DC fan, Bulb, and pump are all part of this greenhouse control system, which is powered by a microcontroller. The temperature sensor detects the ambient temperature; if it rises beyond a certain level, DC fans are activated; if the temperature falls below a certain level, the fan is turned off. The water level is sensed by a soil moisture sensor, and as the level drops, the pumps turn on.
The LDR sensor detects the absence of light and the bulb begins to glow. It will be easier to monitor and control the system this way.

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